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Colin Construction Company

Colin Construction Company is committed to helping deliver the best patient care to the local communities that we serve. With over 40 years of experience in healthcare construction, we have the know-how to install and deliver the latest advanced technological equipment available to health care providers. We recognize that each client and project is unique, and we can help clients determine which project delivery method is best suited for their current needs.

Colin Construction has been operating in the design-build mindset long before it was named a delivery method. Seventy-five percent of our projects are design-build, with a majority of them through turnkey contracts with equipment vendors with whom our track record is proven. No matter what project delivery method is chosen, Colin Construction’s integrated Design-Build delivery is cemented in our core values and practices. We are part of a team that includes the client, design consultants, equipment vendors, and subcontractors, and our goal is to always deliver the highest quality and best value project. We provide a one-stop shop for your medical renovation needs by being the single source and point of contact for your projects, carefully managing and delivering them.

Leading projects to exceed patient care goals since 1981.

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