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Community: At Colin Construction, we value people and relationships. Respect and trust within our network in the design, construction and healthcare industry have made our progress steadfast for decades. We take ownership and pride in our work to help advocate better care for our local communities.

Communication: We stay personally involved from design to completion, and we have a hands-on approach to our processes. Site visits enable us to identify potential problems early and to incorporate constructable solutions. We offer straightforward project coordination on all our projects, emphasizing clear and open communication within the team.

Commitment: We are committed to making every project for our clients run as seamlessly as possible. With our focused background and specialized experience in the medical industry, we are able to consider all possible solutions for our customers. Research for new building materials and construction methods that save time and reduce disruptions is ongoing at our company. Proactive and client focused, keeping end-users in mind, we see the bigger picture and always strive for excellence.



We are committed to designing and building projects that facilitate the delivery of state-of-the-art patient care services and treatment in the communities we serve.



To be one of the leading design-build general contractors specializing in advanced technology and medical equipment projects in the western states.

Colin Construction Company specializes in medical facility design and construction. Since 1981, we have successfully completed the modernization of hospitals and clinics throughout the western states. By purposely limiting our services to the medical industry, we are focused on our clients’ specific needs, and we maintain a high level of personal involvement on each project. By collaborating with a core group of design consultants and our Integrated Design-Build Method, Colin Construction Company can provide an incomparable, cost-effective project plan.

We understand that keeping pace with advances in imaging and therapeutic technologies is more than simply purchasing the latest equipment. To adapt to industry technological changes, major renovation is often necessary, usually on a limited budget, within a strict time period, in restrictive surroundings, and with a reduced building staff. We factor in all of our clients’ concerns to ensure project completion and success.

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