Project Type
One Room

Delivery Method

Completion Date
September 2001

UCSF Interventional MR

San Francisco, CA

UCSF Interventional MR Equipment

This first in the world, 2,600-square-foot project created a highly specialized diagnosis and treatment suite for UCSF’s neurology and radiology. The X/MR suite couples a complete CATH lab (Philips Integris V 5000) with a state-of-the-art short bore MR scanner (Philips 1.5 tesla Intera I/T). The two components of the system are installed in adjoining bays, separated by a custom RF shielded door (lead- and copper-shielded sliding door), which also features radiation shielding and acoustic damping, separating the two suites. This allows the equipment to be used either as two individual units or one comprehensive interventional suite. The two units are situated in an in-line configuration and feature table modifications that permit patient transfer between the two systems on a continuous track. This unique set-up of the patient on one continuous track removes the need to have to mobilize a patient during a critical procedure by seamlessly moving the patient between the two systems. Although the CATH lab is situated no more than six meters from the isocenter of the magnet, it is fully functional and routinely performs rotational angiography. The MR system is capable of the full range of MR applications, from MR Fluoroscopy to Turbo Spectroscopic Imaging.

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