What Can I Do to Prepare a Good Proposal?

  1. We appreciate attention to detail: identify lead times and itemize if possible.
  2. Bid according to the scope clarification narratives provided on RFP. Acknowledge addendums issued.
    Note: on all proposals, you must list “bid per plans & specs dated _______.”
  3. Inform us immediately upon any discovery of conflicts in bid docs such as scope, drawings and specs, and constructability issues, so that we can resolve them before the project bids.
  4. If you are deviating from what is shown on plans and specs at all, provide brief explanation and detail the specifics on your proposal.
  5. Always list any cost-savings and value-engineering ideas that you come up with during your review of the docs.
  6. If quoting multiple scopes/trades, please breakout pricing accordingly.
  7. If it’s a hard bid, we request you submit scope letters 24-48 hours before the bid due date to give us time to review and analyze information.
  8. If it’s a T&M quote, please include your labor hourly rates, including regular, time and a half, double, overtime, and travel time, plus your material costs breakdown.